Web Based Modules

There is much more to being a practitioner than just practical Bowen skills. These courses provided will enhance your understanding of the wider field of holistic health and help you to build an effective practice. They can be taken at any time, before, during or after your practical studies.

If you have studied these topics previously at an equivalent level, you can omit these courses if you submit evidence of prior study and take an assessment examination or, if you are looking to upgrade your previous studies, you can do that too.

There are text books to accompany these courses which you will be responsible for purchasing.

Please note that the first time you purchase a web based module you will be asked to set up an account on the ecourses checkout page.

Nutrition & Bowen

The course will introduce the basics of nutrition, to allow you to recognise the impact of your client’s diet on their health and wellbeing. The course provides background information to enhance your practice, to really raise awareness of nutritional issues and how to recognise when it would be relevant to recommend clients seek advice from a qualified Nutritional Therapist.

There are a text book and optional additional reading to accompany this course which you will be responsible for purchasing.

Nutrition basics

Healthy Diets

Vitamins and Minerals

Sports nutrition

Anti-inflammatory nutrition

Food allergies and intolerances

Nutrition and health according to Tom Bowen

Macro nutrients

Holistic nutritional approach

Micro nutrients

Nutrition through the life cycle

Nutrition and detoxification

Nutrition and Chinese medicine

Psychosocial aspects of food and nutrition

Bowen Meridian Connections

This course will introduce you to the concepts of energy meridians and how they correlate with myofascial pathways. The course provides background information to enhance your practice by giving you practical applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bowen Combinations.

There are optional reading books to accompany this course which you will be responsible for purchasing.

Practical applications of TCM and Bowen combinations

The basics of Yin & Yang

Key points on the meridians

The Five Element theory

Qi – definition and functions

Element personalities

Treatment using Five Elements theory

TCM energetics

Key points on the meridians

Vital substances

Bowen moves and associations with meridians

Pathologies of Qi

The organ systems

Meridians and TCM

eFunctional Muscle Anatomy

This Muscle Antomy course covers the physicsal aspects of the human body and how the body moves. You will learn the origin, insertion and action of the muscles of the body and how to see the muscles in relation to the body contour. This anatomy course teaches the function, origin, and insertion of the muscles of the body. The focus of the course assists the student with the dynamic understanding of each muscle associated with the Bowen Protocols.

It will cover the origin, insertion, and action of the muscles of the body and how to the muscles can be seen in relation to the body contour. This knowledge will assist the therapist in assessing a client’s individual needs in order to alleviate health problems, stress, and balance body functions.

The subjects covered include

Anatomical postion, directional and regional terminology

Structures of forearm and hand

Structures of shoulder and upper arm

Structure of spine and thorax

Structures of head, neck and face

Structures of pelvis and thigh

Structures of the lower leg and foot

Intro to Ethical Considerations (optional)

The Intro to Ethical Considerations eCourse will teach you how to open a practice of your own, imparting the important skills and knowledge necessary for maintaining high standards in ethical procedures and business practices.

Information covered in this course includes:

  • An Overview of ethics in clinical practice
  • 4 pilars of ethics
  • Codes of Ethics and Standards, Personal Boundaries in Professional Relationships