Web Based Modules


Nutrition & Bowen

The course will introduce the basics of nutrition, to allow students to recognize the impact of a client’s diet on their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition basics

Healthy Diets

Vitamins and Minerals

Sports nutrition

Anti-inflammatory nutrition

Food allergies and intolerances

Nutrition and health according to Tom Bowen

Macro nutrients

Holistic nutritional approach

Micro nutrients

Nutrition through the life cycle

Nutrition and detoxification

Nutrition and Chinese medicine

Psychosocial aspects of food and nutrition

Bowen Meridian Connections

This course will introduce the concepts of energy meridians and how they correlate with myofascial pathways.

Practical applications of TCM and Bowen combinations

The basics of Yin & Yang

Key points on the meridians

The Five Element theory

Qi – definition and functions

Element personalities

Treatment using Five Elements theory

TCM energetics

Key points on the meridians

Vital substances

Bowen moves and associations with meridians

Pathologies of Qi

The organ systems

Meridians and TCM

Business and Ethics

The Business and Ethics course will teach those who are looking to open a practice of their own, important skills and knowledge necessary for maintaining high standards in ethical procedures and business practices.

Information covered in this course includes:

  • How-to guide to set up a practice
  • Finding beneficial locations for a practice
  • Registering, advertising and building clientele in your business
  • Guidelines and protocols for patients/treatment rooms/cleanliness in a health care practice
  • Codes of Ethics and Standards, Personal Boundaries in Professional Relationships
  • Bookeeping, Financial Statements, Record Keeping and preparation for Income Tax

This course will be available from Summer 2018.