Personalised Bowen College Leaflets


These bespoke trifold leaflets explain clearly what Bowen is, and promote the benefits of Bowen and are printed on 150gsm silk finish paper.
Available for practitioners who have trained with Bowen College either from a foundation level or for those taking part in CPD.

For a small one off set up charge, they will also be printed with content that you provide including your clinic details, your client’s testimonials and your own images.

The information specifically required from you will be called for in an easy to complete form. Three portions of the leaflet remain the same and the other three are edited to present your own client’s testimonials of your work, photos of you and your contact details.

They allow you to benefit from the association with Bowen College and all we do, whilst having your own bespoke leaflets.
This means you will no longer have to chose between the expensive design and print costs associated with custom leaflets and the inconvenience and less professional image of adding a contact sticker to a generic leaflet.

Includes UK postage. For overseas orders, please contact us

*If this is the first time you have ordered, or your details have changed, you will also need to buy a set up charge.


What practitioners have said about having bespoke leaflets:

“A great way to show affiliation to an organisation and it’s standards whilst have a professionally made leaflet that feels good to pass on.”

“I really like that I can have a leaflet that connects me to the wider Bowen community but that is personalised to me.”

“This bypasses the individual layout costs and wording challenges of creating your own Bowen leaflets – in this respect, huge value for money!”