Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist – Core Programme




Bowen Therapy Professional AssociationBy choosing our CBHT Core programme you are choosing training that is accredited by the Bowen Therapists Professional Association (BTPA). What this means for you is that you will receive accredited Bowen training, aligned with national standards of eduction in this field of work if you choose to train with us.

The programme is designed to deliver coursework efficiently whilst also allowing flexibility for those who already have body work practices.



The course includes case studies, assessment and examination before certification.

The core programme includes:

  • Healing Accelerator Workshops
    These intensive in-class courses, with hands-on Bowen training to complete a minimum of 84 hours of in class practical experience. You can take these courses as many times as you need before qualifying – at no extra cost.
  • Case studies
    A minimum of 60 hours of practical client case studies.
  • Online Q&A
    One-year membership of monthly access to an online Q&A with Jihan Adem or Manon Bolliger to discuss your case study work
  • Reboot Homecare Kit
    Signing up to the CBHT qualification gives you FREE access to the Reboot Homecare Kit. This including unlimited access to the Reboot Your Body at Home video series so you are able to review your basic skills at your convenience, together with resources that explore the wider field of holistic health
  • Assessment and Examination
    When you are ready, you will take a practical assessment of your Bowen skills and a theory examination.        


Please also book for each date of the Healing Accelerator Workshop you would like to attend – details can be found here

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