Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses

Welcome to Bowen’s College’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

As a qualified Bowen Therapist we have a wide range of courses that you can attend to expand your knowledge and enhance your practice.

These two day classes are open to anyone who has completed their CBHT certificate (or equivalent from other colleges) and who wants to continue with their Bowen related education.

The courses are lead by wonderful instructors from around the globe, all experienced and ethical professionals in their field.

We announce more course dates throughout each year.

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Bowen Practitioner courses

One Day Bowen Intensive

With the launch of Bowen College in the UK in 2016 came some exciting and fresh new ways in which we can share insights into Bowen and how the human fascial body works in relation to the work that we do as Bowen therapists.

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On this One Day Intensive Course you will have time to refresh and update your practical hands on skills and also have time to specifically discuss topics relevant to us as Bowen Therapists.
This is a practitioner workshop but with the added benefit of a fresh perspective!
For 2019, Jihan will bring you the latest in Fascial research from the Fascial Net Plastination Project in Guben, Germany.
You will receive a CDP certificate and have the chance to look through a selection of the course notes that are used for our comprehensive training to become a ‘Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist’.
Great Day with inspiring new ideas, I will be putting into practice tomorrow!” 
Sue C January 2018

Tutor – Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - pelvic

Body Regions – Pelvic and Lower Body Protocols

In this workshop we will cover protocols and procedures focusing attention on the lower half of the body.

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That’s not to say the discussion will not take us further afield as we look at how working on the lower body will affect the entire system of the human form, but predominantly the work will be focussed on refining our hands on approach to work specific lower body areas.

In particular we will be looking at specific Bowen moves around the pelvis, coccyx and sacral area as well as hamstrings, quadriceps and lower body joints and their function. Foundation moves and protocols will be revised with the aim being that you will leave the workshop being better able to assess your client with confidence and perform Bowen work that you have a greater knowledge of.

Tutor – Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - TMJ

Body Regions – TMJ, Shoulder and Upper Body Protocols

In this workshop we will cover protocols and procedures focusing attention on the upper half of the body.

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This is an exciting workshop giving plenty of time for revision but exploration of how combining and perhaps reducing the number of moves made from different protocols can bring about a greater affect. We will look at how working particular areas of the upper body will affect the entire system of the human form and also the implications of this.

In particular we will be looking at specific Bowen moves around the TMJ, Shoulder and thoracic area to include diaphragmatic work. This is an essential module for practitioners who have not attended anything similar before progressing to the module: TMJ, Sleep and Breathing.

Tutor – Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - Cranio

Cranio Bowen

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle and profound healing form, working with the rhythmic tidal motions of cranio sacral fluid within the body.

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This workshop with Margeir Sigurðsson will teach you to identify these rhythms and how to use Bowen moves, inspired by Cranio Sacral principles, to facilitate changes in areas of restriction. The course will include detailed instruction on palpation for cranial rhythms and how and when influencing the body from a cranial perspective is useful within a Bowen treatment.

As a result of this training, practitioners will be given instructions on:

  • How to work on blocked sinuses
  • How we can release commonly presenting headaches
  • How we can increase effectiveness of pineal gland
  • How we can release the atlas after a “whiplash“ trauma
  • How we can work with clients who have had a stroke
  • How we can increase flow of fluid around the spine and brain when it is restricted and how to know…
  • How we can impact and increase immune system function
  • How we can aid the realignment of teeth

This is a fantastic precursor to the TMJ, Sleep and Breathing course.

“I feel grateful and privileged to meet Margeir. A brilliant teacher with an amazing presence.” Manjit Kaur

Tutor – Margeir Sigurðsson

This course is approved for CPD by The Bowen Association UK.

Accreditation by BTPA is in process.

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Bowen Practitioner courses - Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise and Rehabilitation

This workshop is designed for you to prescribe corrective exercise programmes to support your clients in moving from a place of pain to enhanced movement and function.

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Bowen College is excited to bring you this workshop for Bowen therapists who would like to understand the important role of exercise and movement in both accelerating the healing process and preventing injuries from reoccurring.

We look at how to structure a progressive exercise routine that can enhance clients’ gains in mobility, flexibility, strength and how to integrate this alongside Bowen treatments.

This course has been born out of the desire for Bowen Therapists to be able and insured to prescribe functional movement patterns that, alongside Bowen treatments, will speed up clients’ recovery times and give you, the therapist, a strategy to help your clients become more proactive in between treatments.

We look at movement and repair from a fascial perspective and also how adapting our Bowen work for these specific densities of tissue can bring about more precise change.

“This course is the missing link to help clients to help themselves in between treatments and to encourage them to take further their responsibility to heal themselves by introducing exercises and stretching which build on the Bowen treatments. To me this course is 100% relevant to Bowen practitioners and is a must for those who wish to encourage clients to take back their personal power for recovery and not just rely on ‘the Bowen treatment’ to solve all their problems. There is also a comprehensive and excellently illustrated manual which supplements the practical course content with complete coverage of all exercises, stretches, targets and indicators including individual photographs for clarity of usage – all set out in easy to follow tabular format.” Ray Edwards

Bowen Therapy Professional Association

This course is approved for 14 hours of CPD by BTPA and The Bowen Association UK.


Tutors – Tanya Couldwell & Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - first aid

Emergency First Aid at Work

The course covers basic life saving first aid to meet the workplace health and safety regulations. Students will be awarded the recognised Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, valid for 3 years.

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This course gives learners the skills to help a casualty who is:

  • Unresponsive and breathing
  • Unresponsive and not breathing
  • Needing resuscitation (CPR)
  • Having a seizure
  • Fainting
  • Choking
  • Bleeding (minor and severe)
  • Suffering from shock
  • Burns

In addition advice is given about dealing with an emergency, assessing a casualty, monitoring a casualty where to get help, electrical incidents, accident recording and reporting control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).

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Bowen Practitioner courses - horse and rider 1

Horse and Rider 

This is a unique CPD opportunity to learn how to treat both the rider and the horse both classically and dynamically.

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Lotty Merry and Jihan Adem combine their years of practice, study and teaching skills to take you step by step through two full and fun days of learning. They use practical assessment techniques, palpation, and visual demonstrations of both static and real time movement including gait analysis whilst working with fascial lines of continuity to cover a variety of commonly presenting issues when rider and horse both perform together.

We are able to use the full yard facilities at Rose Farm so can utilise classroom based learning as well as observing both horse and rider independently and working as a unit in the arena. One day is spent assessing and treating riders where new Bowen material is covered specifically tailored to working with people who ride. We then move onto treating horses, specialising treatment to each horse depending on the work that they carry out each day. The workshop concludes by observing horse and rider combined to work as one.

This course is open to practitioners who are qualified both in Human and Equine Bowen.

Tutors – Lotty Merry and Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and Birth

This workshop will guide you through what you can do as a therapist to assist your client through this important time.

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Taking into account the huge amount of change that occurs within the human form during this period of growth, utilising Bowen to make this journey as comfortable and joyful as possible is a fantastic benefit of our profession. So many other hands on modalities carry contra-indications to treatment during pregnancy, with care, Bowen protocols and moves can be used safely and effectively.

This two day workshop will look at the importance of regular treatment where possible to create the most comfortable body for the mother paying attention to the basic principle of how ‘structure governs function’ to create the best environment for the birthing process.

The compressive forces that occur naturally and are experienced during birth as the baby passes through the passage through the pelvis and the journey through the birth canal can cause imbalance in a baby’s system; even in natural and apparently problem-free births. Common new-born’s symptoms like colic, breastfeeding problems and respiratory issues may be due to compression arising from birth trauma. These can develop into problems later in life and can often be traced back to what happened at birth.

The focus of this workshop will be on preparing the body for birth paying attention in particular to the cranium, diaphragm and pelvic function. Alleviating common symptoms during pregnancy will also be a point for discussion.

We will look at influencing language, the importance of a good frame of mind and how limiting beliefs stored at a below conscious level can impact the birthing process as much as misalignment of the physical body can and how to work with this too.

Tutor – Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - TMJ Dental

TMJ, Sleep and Breathing (The Dental Module)

This workshop will focus on the essential functions of the temporomandibular joint and its impact on a range of health conditions.

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Our mouth is arguably one of the most important regions of the body. We eat and drink, breathe and swallow, talk and communicate through it.

Without it, survival is minimal at best. As one of our major sites of sensory organs it is also rarely considered by body workers and totally misunderstood for whole body functional anatomy by medical / dental professionals.

The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body and yet been one of the most neglected in both medicine and body work.

It is becoming more common these days to see courses available on how to treat clients with conditions affecting or affected by the TMJ but how many people are taught why this joint is prone to dysfunction in this day and age?

Andrew Zaranko and Jihan Adem have teamed up after over a decade of working in clinic together to present this information to you.

Our two day workshop will give a different perspective to the anatomical masterpiece that is breathing. We will review the mouth from the physical external presentation of the face to the internal presentation of teeth and their positioning.
We will look at the complexity of the tongue and its many functions, both mental and physical and the interaction of all oral tissues with the subtlety of the TMJ. We hope to inspire a new exciting view on both the seen and unseen impact throughout the body.
We will venture onto a whirlwind tour through some of the most specialised anatomical tissues but present an exciting view of fascia and biotensegrity with an introduction on breathing and sleep related issues in an approach that is both refreshingly different but will be instantly useable with your first client after the course.

The third aspect of this course looks at Dental terminology so that you can become more able to open conversation with Dental Health care Professionals using a common language.

Tutors – Andrew Zaranko and Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - palliative care

Supporting Clients with a Cancer Diagnosis

This is quite often the time when Bowen comes into its own – offering clients a way to become proactive in supporting their body alongside conventional treatments.

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This workshop is for qualified Bowen therapists who would like to look at how to work effectively and safely with people who are living with a cancer diagnosis. This time of life brings many challenges but also many opportunities for giving clients a greater sense of well being.

We will move through ways of working with clients that do not have restricted ranges of movement. The workshop will cover guidelines on how much work to perform in different circumstances as well as using specific moves from different procedures to create a bespoke treatment for the individual.

Red flags will be covered in relation to this topic as well as how and when to treat clients safely and effectively. We will also discuss when a hands off approach is more appropriate.

We will look at how to work appropriately for each client and also look at a more holistic approach to improving wellbeing.

Tutor – Jihan Adem

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Bowen Practitioner courses - bespoke workshop

Affliated Courses

Our Affiliated Courses give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge of holistic bodywork, covering a diverse range of subjects that will enhance your knowledge and Bowen Practice.

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We work with an array of health care professionals from many backgrounds. If you have a specific area of interest that you would like to see work covering or of a particular topic that you would like to have covered for the needs of the practitioners in your area to increase their skill set, let us know.

Tutor – will be selected depending on the topic chosen.

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Bowen Practitioner courses - bespoke workshop

Bespoke Practitioner Workshops

Register your interest today to organise one of these bespoke courses for your local group of Bowen Practitioners.

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You can request one of the courses above, or let us know of a particular topic that you would like to have covered specifically for the needs of the practitioners in your area to increase their skill set.

Read more about hosting a workshop.

Tutor – will be selected depending on the topic chosen.

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