“Tension is who you think you should be – relaxation is who you are”

Chinese Proverb

As you are reading this, it pre supposes that you are already a body worker or Bowen therapist and have experienced first hand the efficacy of this incredible modality.

In the years that has passed since leaving the teaching team of (E)CBS and whilst working on creating an organisation to deliver a different education system offering Bowen courses in the UK (Bowen College UK) I have had the great good fortune of spending more time with movement therapists and teachers who also specialise in fascia based learning. Not only that, a few years ago I started making time for daily movement in my own life. My background / work before coming across Bowen in 1995 was with horses so I am not shy of hard physical work but in this stage of life the movement has been more about functionality rather than ‘getting the job done’.

Most people in the UK have learnt Bowen by attending a set of modules.
Nowadays the emphasis is largely based upon how to perform the Bowen move with a fair awareness given to the fact that we are working on the skin but that the fascial densities directly below are part of the much bigger body wide communication network below that causes the move itself to be communicated throughout the person’s body systems.

What I have seen happen over the years with my own practice and that of others around me is that if you have a Bowen only qualification and have not been trained and therefor insured to prescribe an exercise regime, your hands are tied in terms of suggesting movements to aid in your clients repair process and referral has been the only option.

“In my own practice in south Devon, I would say about 1 in 20 people would take that referral onto a pilates or yoga instructor or local physiotherapist for exercises to increase function as part of a treatment plan.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a course that allowed us all to to learn in two days, a series of progressive exercises and stretches that you can add into your treatment sessions for your clients.
These work on multiple levels. From bringing our own awareness to different tissues and possibly some restrictions in our own body – to experiencing what Bowen AND movement can do for yourself and your client – giving the client power to be proactive in-between treatment sessions but to create even more overall value to what we already do.

Loved it and very inspiring. Absolutely recommend this workshop to all types of practitioner.
Getting people moving is the missing link to what we already do and this has filled that gap.”
Claire Makarewicz

All movements we cover can be adapted to working with people in chairs through to the most physically active. We have also worked directly with Balens Insurance Broker to make sure that you will be covered for prescribing the movements covered in this course.

This is just one of many courses we offer now. The feedback so far has been really encouraging with people not only able to increase their own potential but use the seemingly simple exercises to advance their clients gains at a huge speed.
My participation with the Fascia Net Plastination Project (more to come in 2020) brings some wonderful imagery to the core of the course also giving participants an insiders view of how movement can affect which structures making this course not only relevant to joint, limb and spinal mobility but also breathing and digestion. Taking time out of the daily grind to do a few well planned movements will not only give your clients larger ranges of mobility but could also dramatically impact their opportunity to engender more ‘parasympathetic’ moments on a daily basis which in turn creates a better quality of life.

If you want to learn how movement impacts us down to the seat of our bones click here to read more

Paying mindful attention the intero-ceptive qualities of fascia, Tanya Couldwell and I bring this course to you. By taking about 10 minutes a day to bring awareness to connective tissues, clients report a huge change at their next session!

Exercise and Rehabilitation course can be viewed here:

We would very much love to share our appreciation for movement and what that can do for you and your clients.

Jihan Adem