Exciting news for the start of this year!In January 2018, the Human Fascial Net Plastination Project will embark on a new journey of fascial anatomy research by creating dissections of human fascia that will be preserved through the process of plastination! With a very specialised team of 14 others from around the world, Jihan Adem will be there to take part in this amazing project.

Led by Prof. Carla Stecco, Dr. Robert Schleip, John Sharkey and assisted by Divo Mueller and Tilo Heinrich, the project will take place at the Plastinarium in Guben/Brandenburg. 

The Plastinarium is the result of Gunther von Hagens’ untiring efforts of 39 years in the areas of medical science, anatomy, dissection, and polymer chemistry. With his revolutionary invention of the Plastination process, Gunther von Hagens not only significantly changed the study of anatomy, but also the way the human body is viewed in our society today. 

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It’s about time the anatomy books held more than a paragraph about Fascia!