About our Training:

How do I get started?
You need to determine how far you would like to take your Bowen Practice:
1) Use Bowen at home to help family and friends
2) Become certified and practice professionally

What is included in the CBHT core programme?
The core programme consists of Healing Accelerator workshops, in which you will be taught the BowenFirst™ practical skills – including protocols for lower and upper body. These workshops can be taken as many times as you need, for no extra cost.
You will have access to the Reboot Homecare Kit, with videos showing the Bowen moves and lots of useful information about holistic health. There is also a monthly online Q&A session for you to discuss any case study queries.

How long does it take to become a Certified Bowen Health Therapist?
After taking our Certified Bowen Health Therapist programme, you will be required to complete practical and theory exams, and submit your case studies. To complete the entire training can take from 8 – 12 months depending on your schedule and class schedules. If you prefer to study over a longer period of time, that is fine too!

What else do I need to study to become a Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist?
Alongside the core programme, our students also study three online modules (Nutrition and Bowen, Bowen Meridian Connections, Business and Ethics). This gives you additional, relevant knowledge that will compliment your practice.
You will also complete a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course.

Do I need any qualifications to start the Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist programme?

In short, no. We teach you everything you need to know and you can start by studying the Essential Skills courses (Anatomy and Physiology, Muscle Anatomy, First Aid and Reboot your Body). If you can demonstrate an equivalent level of prior study, you can start the core programme straight away.

I already have a some prior qualifications – do I still need to take the Essential Skills courses before starting the CBHT programme?
No – we are happy to accept equivalent levels of study for the Essential Skills – all you need to do is send us evidence of your qualifications. Contact us to see if your qualifications would be accepted.

How do I register for a course?
You can book online or by calling or emailing us.
The first time you book on a course online with Bowen College, you will need to set up an account (using the book now buttons and then submitting your contact details).

Can I pay by instalments?
Absolutely! We can spread the cost of CBHT training into monthly payments. Contact us to discuss this option.

How do I access the Web Based Modules?
When you book one of these modules you will be given your own access key to an e-campus system. This will allow you to work through the module in your own time. There are assessments as you proceed, to check your understanding. At the end of the course you will complete and submit a final assessment under examination conditions. Full guidance will be given with your course confirmation.

About Bowen:

Is Bowen like a massage?
No, Bowen is not like massage. It uses much lighter and more specific moves that are enacted through fascia affecting nerve bundles and meridians. It is more similar to a hand/touch method of acupuncture.

Can you use Bowen with other modalities like massage and acupuncture?
Bowen Therapy resets your body to allow itself to heal. With this in mind, other modalities you may use are received by the body at maximum benefit when partnered with Bowen.

About Bowen College:

What is your refund policy?
We offer a full refund within 7 days of purchase and a 30 day minimum notice is required to withdrawal your registration from a class.

What if a class gets cancelled?
If the college must cancel a class, the college is required to notify all students registered at least two weeks before the class.