Our Bowen Training Courses

At Bowen College UK, we are accredited to National Occupational Standards and offer you the comprehensive training necessary for you to practice Bowen Therapy, one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world.

There is so much more to becoming a therapist than just learning how to perform a Bowen move.

Our vision of Bowen training, throughout the college, reflects both efforts in standardisation and in individualisation of treatments for the client. We are fostering a culture of curiosity and transformation with awareness, abundance and contribution to community.

Bowen College Training Pathway

Bowen treatment for family and friends

Want to treat family and friends?

Our Reboot Your Body is an introduction to Bowen and ideal for anyone who would like to give basic treatments to family and friends.

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Teaching Bowen technique

Do you want to become a Professional Bowen Therapist?

Our Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist programme will provide all the training you need, not just in practical Bowen skills, but also covering Nutrition, Meridian Connections, Business Skills and more.

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Teaching Bowen therapy

Are you already a Health Professional and want to add Bowen to your toolkit?

Our introduction to Bowen College’s work is an ideal place to start…. more info

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How to learn Bowen

Do you already practice Bowen and would like to learn more?

Our Specialised Continuing Education Courses are taught by leading experts in their field. They offer specialised training on a wide range of subjects.

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Learning Bowen

Looking to widen your knowledge of bodywork?

Our Affiliated Courses expand your knowledge of holistic bodywork, covering a diverse range of subjects that will enhance your Bowen Practice.

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Bowen training courses

Not sure which course would be right for you?

Finding the right direction in your healing arts education, and career, can be a difficult one. Here at Bowen College we hope to help you find that path and are always here to answer your questions

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BTPA Accredited Bowen Training

Our CBHT Core programme is accredited by BTPA, aligned with national government standards.


We are also an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.