Jihan Adem – Lead Tutor in the UK

Since experiencing the technique in 1995 shortly after it was brought to the UK from Australia, Bowen has opened some incredible paths and led her to some truly amazing places. The wealth of these experiences is brought together into the training room of Bowen College in the UK, where Jihan’s passion and drive to teach and share this work is infectious.

“I grew up in London and as for many, orthodox medicine was the norm. That’s not to say I didn’t experience any natural medicine but natural repair wasn’t really part of the education system like most I grew up with.”

That said, the treatment Jihan initially experienced gave a surprising, immediate and profound effect. This led her to enquire further and then to train to be a therapist. Within the following years she really proved how versatile Bowen is in terms of its application for treating people with a myriad of presentations. Jihan continues to run a busy practice in Devon, whilst organising and taking part in national and international conferences and not just in the field of Bowen….

The Bowen community around the world continues to grow every year. It is wonderful to see how it is developing over time. When we first met the technique back in the 90’s in the UK, most people had not heard of it. Now we have this college dedicated to achieving professional standards in therapy and education built on decades of experience from multiple tutors across multiple continents.

Bowen is one of the most popular treatment modalities currently being learnt in the UK. For the relatively short amount of time it has been taught for, in comparison to ancient Chinese medicine such as Acupuncture for example, it is going from strength to strength and the number of practitioners training are so encouraging.”

Having thoroughly enjoyed teaching Bowen for so many years now I have never fallen out of love with this modality. I also feel very passionate that the mind is respected as a valid place to start to understand the seat of someone’s disease.

Yes, it is desperately important to have a good understanding anatomically of the structures that you’re working with, when performing treatment but it is also completely necessary to understand how the entire system works.

Finally here in the UK, at Bowen College, we are able to present to you a system that looks at and teaches not only about how the body works and how the body responds to bodywork but also how the mind works -and opportunities to train in both arenas”

Jihan’s clinical and teaching experience, the years she has taught, her dissection lab work and the huge number of other dedicated individuals who she has had the great fortune to collaborate with and learn from, come together now to create this place of wisdom. She is looking forward to sharing her passion and drive with you.

Andrea Longden – Reboot Tutor

I am located in the North near Sheffield and I have a busy therapy room based at my home in Dronfield Derbyshire that I share with my partner Jason and our 2 cats.
Back in 1991 I discovered I had a passion for health & well-being as I used to spend all of my spare time studying and reading any fitness / wellness articles and books. I became fitness instructor and began to teach a variety of fitness and health classes. I also qualified in nutrition, gym instructor, fitness for children and pilates.
Fitness became my full time career and I taught over 12 classes a week around Sheffield. I always attended  fitness conventions each year and one year I did a yoga class and that was it! Hooked for life. I loved yoga from that moment on and studied for many years to become a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and hung up my trainers for bare feet and a yoga mat.
I specialise in teaching small group yoga for anyone that wants a slower more gentle yoga that is both functional and restorative. I am also a certified Food and Spirit practitioner which enables me to offer support with food, eating and living aspects. I am certified Barefoot practitioner and have a mastership in Reflexology and created my own style ‘Corrective Reflexology’ offering a more anatomical approach helping restore foot function to enable a better moving body.
I became a Bowen Practitioner around 10 years ago after a long term back issue was resolved in one session of Bowen! I love the whole body approach and the gentle nature of Bowen and the way it makes you feel when having a treatment. I know that I needed to bring this most amazing hands on bodywork to my lovely clients and yoga members. I see many clients at my therapy room each week and I love helping them get out of pain and have there life back .
Joining the Bowen College to become a tutor is a dream come true! I get to actually bring Bowen into more homes and help more people.
“I spent a few hours tidying the garden and planting those forgotten flower bulbs. This time last week I could hardly walk without pain never mind spend time in the garden. And it’s all down to Andrea Longden’s loving care using the Bowen technique. I feel blessed to know such a talented person. Thank you Andrea”

Debbie Macmillan – Reboot Tutor

I am based in the North East of Scotland with my husband, three children and our flat coat retriever! I initially trained as an adult nurse and gaining a Higher National Diploma in general nursing before furthering my training with a degree in midwifery which I absolutely loved.

Following the birth of my second child I made the decision to stay at home and look after my children, my husband worked shifts and to be honest I just loved being a mum.

Following this break I looked to restart my career. I had always been interested in alternative therapies and medicines and I had heard about Bowen through family members so decided to do some research into the technique.

What I read had a profound impact on me and I decided that Bowen was something that I had to do, regardless of the fact that I had never had a treatment or experienced it for myself!

What I have found is that Bowen can work for everyone. We all have imbalances injuries or illnesses which require some intervention to re balance the body and move us forward to better health.

During my initial training to practice Bowen I realised just how special it is and how it can be helpful in so many different situations. I felt a genuine regret that I had not had this skill set earlier.

Being based in the North of Scotland, I have found that although there aren’t enough of us practising Bowen (yet!) there are an abundance of individuals with an interest in receiving treatment.

My biggest supporters are my children who tell anyone who isn’t feeling great that ‘My mummy could do Bowen for you’ or they themselves will be the one’s looking for a treatment.

I’m enjoying being a part of the Bowen College “Reboot Your Body” course and look forward to running these courses around the country. It’s great that people can get an introduction to the Bowen move and thereafter have the core skills to be able to treat a family member or friend only with a great basic treatment.

I think the beauty of Bowen is only truly realised once you’ve received treatment, as only then do you find out how much your body was in need of some realignment.

Michael Overend – Reboot Tutor

I was a solicitor in private practice for over thirty years, and in 2009 came into contact with the Bowen Technique when I was in need of help in resolving issues stemming from an achilles problem. I was fascinated at how the technique enabled my body to rebalance and it was the start of an amazing journey for me which led me to qualifying as a Bowen Therapist in 2010 and subsequently also training in other therapies and healing methods. I did my therapy work during evenings and weekends and also at a local clinic for disabled children, whilst continuing to work as a solicitor.
In 2017 I decided that I needed to devote all of my time to my therapy and healing work and also started teaching Reiki, so in August 2017 I finished my work as a solicitor and have not looked back!Over the last ten years I have discovered that I am at my best and most creative when I am helping others to heal themselves, overcome their difficulties and develop themselves. I believe that the benefits of healing touch can be given by anyone to anyone as long as their intention and motivation is right, and in my opinion, the Bowen technique is one of the most effective and efficient techniques available to enable this.
I am delighted that I am part of the Reboot Your Body training courses and love to share the benefits of Bowen.”
“Mike is an honest and gentle therapist who make me feel at ease and relaxed during sessions.”  

 “My first experience of Bowen treatment was when I was feeling very run down and anxious. I had no idea what to expect from those first few treatments but was amazed how quickly I began to feel improvements in my general well-being. Over the course of several treatments my sleeping patterns became more settled and I felt less anxious. The actual treatment was very gentle and relaxing with breaks in between each session – the identification of key areas that needed work was most beneficial and symptoms of a stiff neck and a sore shoulder were soon alleviated. Mike could often find something that was not quite as it should be and work on it before it became a problem.”

Amanda Philipe-Savage – Reboot Tutor

Amanda Philipe-Savage has been caring for your wellbeing since 1994. Her life-long quest for better health and belief in energy healing led her to diversify and attain a range of training, qualifications and experience, creating a multi-disciplined practice. Amanda’s dedication to finding the root cause of dis-ease has benefited so many who have finally been able to eliminate their allergies and unresolved physical and emotional symptoms.

After experiencing the transformational results of just a few Bowen treatments, for various structural and stress related issues, Amanda decided to embark on a new journey and learn how she could help others in the same way. Just one course in to her training, Amanda was involved in a major car accident which left her with paralysis down the right arm, a lower spinal injury and severe concussion. With the support of weekly Bowen treatments, Amanda regained full function and mobility – against all the odds. She went on to share her success story a year later in 2012, when she qualified as a Bowen practitioner. Since then, Amanda has helped so many people of all ages, restore their physical health mental wellbeing, through Bowen, Sports Rehabilitation Therapy and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique®. And, the journey continues by teaching you this amazing technique through the Reboot Your Body courses.

She has Diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Aromatherapy and Diet and Nutrition. Amanda is also a Reiki Master and Teacher. In 2006, Amanda trained and qualified as an Advanced NAET® Practitioner and in 2010, she re-launched her range of natural aromatherapy products for the body.

“Amanda is a very kind, caring and powerful individual who is very attentive in understanding the reasons around individual needs. She always explains the treatment she offers and the possible outcomes … Amanda is more than a healer or therapist. She has been an ‘angel’ to my son, and I am eternally grateful that I found her.”

Katie Taylor – Reboot Tutor

With a passion for life and an open heart, I am excited to offer this amazing technique, not only in my private practice, but to have the ability to share my knowledge and experience with anyone with a willingness to learn.

I come from an artistic background being an abstract painter for almost 20 years. I now use my intuition to guide me in an artistic way with the healing I perform.

With a continued hunger to learn, I very much enjoy the professional development that training both in the Bowen Technique and other modalities brings.

When working in private practice, I combine different therapies, including Bowen, Reiki, the Emotional Freedom Technique and Crystals within treatments. It is a combination of the knowledge I’ve gained, the experience in my hands and the power in my heart that has created my unique way of healing.

Bowen College UK is an organisation I take great pride in being a part of. I am excited to share the basic knowledge of Bowen with its endless gifts, allowing you to incorporate it into your home and enabling you to share with both your family and friends.

My pathway into holistic health started in 2012, when I began a journey in search of ways to help someone very special to me. Without realising just how this would shape the next phase of my life, it became obvious that this was not just a hobby, but my new vocation in life. I feel blessed to have found a profession that brings me so much satisfaction on a daily basis, working with both emotional problems and physical injuries, allowing me to create the best possible outcome.

I am interested in how disease and disability effect people in their everyday life. Bowen has the power to help bring about the very best version of themselves possible.

I look forward to welcoming you into my class and guiding you on your very own Bowen journey.

“I would recommend Katie and her treatments to anyone who is looking for a sense of wellbeing to someone who needs help with any type of recovery.”

“Since my first visit to Katie 3 years ago my life has changed for the better . I was in great need to improve my breathing and sleeping habits . Her choice of treatment is always in harmony with my needs. Katie is the most understanding, compassionate and astute therapist in her field. I strongly feel that my body and soul are replenished positively every time when I leave her.”

“Our tutors are masters in the healing art and science of Bowen Therapy. They are practicing and teaching across the country and around the world. Becoming an Instructor at Bowen College requires dedication, passion and a truly holistic, flexible approach to education!”