Certified Bowen HealthCare Therapist (CBHT)

The CBHT programme qualifies you to become a Bowen Health Therapist and to work as a professional practitioner.

This practical and holistic training helps you build your practice, whether you are already an established Health Care Professional, or taking your first steps onto a career in the Healing Sciences.

The programme is designed to deliver coursework efficiently, and allowing flexibility for those who already have health related practices.

In addition to our Bowen training, this programme prepares you for the day to day operation of a professional Bowen practice, from both the business and client care perspective.

To qualify as a Bowen Practitioner, you will complete our Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist Programme (CBHT) which is split into three elements:


  • Essential Skills
  • Core Programme
  • Web based Modules
As prior learning can be taken into account to exempt you from some of the modules, the Core Programme is offered as a single package, you then add the Essential Skills and Web Based Modules that are relevant to you.
Please contact us to discuss which courses you would need to take to qualify.

Core Programme

Bowen Therapy Professional AssociationOur CBHT Core programme is accredited by BTPA. What this means for you is that you will receive accredited Bowen training, aligned with national government standards if you choose to train with us.

The course includes case studies, assessment and examination before certification.

The core programme includes:


Healing Accelerator Workshops

These intensive in-class courses, with hands-on Bowen training to complete a minimum of 84 hours of in class practical experience


Case Studies

A minimum of 60 hours of practical client case studies.


Online Q&A

One-year membership of monthly access to an online Q&A with Jihan Adem or Manon Bolliger to discuss case study work


Bonus videos to support your training

Bowen protocol videos – accessible for students to watch in between modules, all protocols we cover in class are available online to view and practice with at home

Train to become a Bowen therapist

Our Core Programme can be bought as a package for £2590


“I thought the whole four days were great. The teaching style was fantastic and the whole concept of Bowen has made so much sense to me.
There was plenty of information given verbally, practically and written.
The course workbook is comprehensive without being complicated.
I cannot wait to complete the whole course.”

Healing Accelerator Workshops:

This is a 4 day course designed to be taken a number of times, each time developing your skillset and knowledge of the work covered.

Students usually attend this course 3 times, but we are aware that everyone learns at a different rate and so having the option to attend any number of these workshops allows you to train at your own pace and build your confidence. You can take this workshop as many times as you need before qualifying.

This tried and tested method of teaching ensures that your Bowen skills are continually being built upon and refined before taking your final assessment.

For international students this also means that you can train in either Canada, North America, UK or Europe.

Over the course of these workshops you will cover:

  • Muscle Palpation
  • Lower Body Protocols
  • Upper Body Protocols
  • Treatment combinations
  • Review, Integration and Examination


Training to become a Bowen Practitioner
Bowen Practitioner training
Learning Bowen Technique

Muscle Palpation

We start by reviewing muscle anatomy and ensuring the students are familiar with the muscles and landmarks of the body, on the body.

Students also will learn to palpate the different structures of the body including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. A practical hands-on approach will assist the student to build confidence and establish a solid foundation for the Bowen moves.

Bowen training courses

Lower Body Protocols

Participants on their way to becoming Bowen Therapists learn a powerful system to integrate and balance the body.

On your way to becoming a Bowen Therapist, you will learn a powerful system to integrate and balance the body. This Basic Lower Body Protocols system will assist in addressing a broad range of structural symptoms including back pain, hip and knee pain and much more. This Autonomic Body Balancing System also facilitates stress relief and relaxation. This course concentrates on the fundamental Bowen protocols that address many concerns associated with the lower body.

You will learn protocols for:

Bowen workshops
  • Hamstring Protocol
  • Knee Protocol
  • Accessory Biceps Femoris Protocol
  • Bursitis Protocol
  • Ankle Protocol
  • Plantar Fasciitis Protocol
  • Hammertoes Protocol
  • Bunion Protocol
  • Kidney Protocol
  • Adductor Protocol
  • Sacral Protocol
  • Enuresis Protocol
  • Coccyx Protocol
  • Perineal Protocol
  • Gluteus Maximus Spasm Protocol
  • Infertility Protocol
Learn Bowen therapy

Upper Body Protocols

The focus here is the upper body and addresses structural symptoms including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain / dysfunction, elbow and or wrist pain / dysfunction, tempero-mandibular joint imbalances, digestive problems and much more.

This Autonomic Body Balancing System also facilitates stress relief and relaxation. This course concentrates on offering an array of fundamental protocols to address many upper body related issues.

You will learn protocols for:

Teaching bowen
  • Lower Torso and Cervical AIM and Precision
  • Deltoid Protocol
  • Anterior Scalene Protocol
  • Anterior Latissimus Dorsi Protocol
  • Pectoralis Protocol
  • Subscapularis Activation
  • Diaphragm Resetting Protocol
  • Digestion Protocol
  • Phrenic / Vagal Protocol
  • Facial Release Protocol


  • Torso Sedation Protocol
  • Upper Trapezius Protocol
  • Elbow Protocol
  • Pronator Protocol
  • Thoracic Lymph Release
  • Cervical Lymph Release
  • TMJ Protocol
  • Rhomboid Tonification
  • Trapezius Tonification
  • Torso Lymph Protocol

Review, Integration and Examination

There is ample time to refine your practical skills so that you are confident and proficient in all of the upper and lower body protocols. You will also look at the integration of function between these areas. This is where more information about how the human system works holistically will be discussed.

You will revise and practice for the examination topics and individual guidance on your case study work will be given.

When you are ready, you will be formally assessed on the following:

  • Practical skills assessment
  • Written theory examination
  • Submission of case studies

“Wowzer – what an amazing course!! I thought it would be good, but I got so much more out of it than I had anticipated. Not one bit was boring and not a yawn in sight. You are a true inspiration and you enthusiasm is truly infectious. Completely bitten by the Bowen bug!”

Our Core Programme can be bought as a package for £2590

Train to become a Bowen therapist

Essential Skills

In addition to the Core Programme, these courses provide you with essential information that you need to complement the hands on practical Bowen skills that you will be learning. They can be taken at any time – before, during or after your practical studies but are required to give you a full and well-rounded knowledge base.

If you have studied these topics previously at an equivalent level, you can omit these courses if you submit evidence of equivalent prior study.

The courses are:


Reboot your Body - £299.00

This class will cover the fundamental autonomic balancing moves for the muscles and the nervous system using BowenFirst™.


Anatomy and Physiology - £340.00

An comprehensive online course covering the function, anatomy and some pathology of human body systems.


Muscle Anatomy - £330.00

An online course exploring the function, origin and insertion of the muscles of the body.


Emergency First Aid at Work - £149.00

A one day course covering basic life saving first aid to meet the workplace health and safety regulations

Web Based Modules

There is much more to being a practitioner than just practical Bowen skills. These courses provided will enhance your understanding of the wider field of holistic health and help you to build an effective practice. They can be taken at any time, before, during or after your practical studies.

If you have studied these topics previously at an equivalent level, you can omit these courses if you submit evidence of prior study and take an assessment examination or, if you are looking to upgrade your previous studies, you can do that too.

The web based modules are:

Bowen Meridian Connections - £259.00

A course which introduces the concepts of energy meridians

Nutrition and Bowen - £259.00

A course that will introduce the basics of nutrition

Intro to Ethical Considerations - £259.00 (optional)

A course designed for those looking to open a practice of their own (optional) and not essential for qualification.

Learning bowen