Reboot Your Body

Course Description

This Introduction to Bowen workshop is a two day module – you will be introduced to the Bowen move and a learn a general whole body treatment.

Our Reboot Your Body course fee of £299 will be deducted from the cost of our CBHT professional training course, should you wish to continue with your training.

If you would like to treat a family member or friend only, this course will give you the core skills to provide a great basic treatment.

This 2 day Introduction to Bowen course can be taken as a stand alone module to simply experience our learning environment and give you a set of work that you can safely treat family and friends with. This course on its own will not give you a qualification to practice bowen as a therapist but ample skills to treat friends, relative and even your children and create great health benefits.

Our Introduction to Bowen

If you are not already a health care professional, your first step to become more familiar with Bowen Therapy is our Reboot Your Body 2 Day Workshop.

There are no prerequisites for this course,  because it is taught and intended for anyone wishing to sample a taste of Bowen. This may be a family member wishing to help another, or someone who is interested in starting a career in the health care industry.

This class will cover basic balancing moves for the muscles and the nervous system. This course will be instructive, inspiring, and utterly relaxing.

The Reboot your Body Introduction to Bowen workshop is geared to maximise the Bowen experience. Everyone is Welcome!

Quick and effective technique

Experience a technique that is scientifically designed to help you quickly overcome the 7 biggest challenges that are keeping you from a relaxed body and mind.


Repetitive pain cycles


Lack of proper and restorative sleep


Inefficient absorption of vital nutrients


Improper detoxification and elimination


Lack of vitality


Hormone imbalances


A slow and broken metabolism

If you have a background in the health industry or have current training in anatomy and physiology, you can choose to proceed straight away with a healing Accelerator workshop or choose to start with this course as an introduction.